Lunar Mission Club

A journey of self-discovery & soul alignment

Learn astrology the easy way, at your own pace, while connecting to a community of mystics and lightseekers

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Lunar Mission Club is your invitation to explore the ancient wisdom of astrology and your birth chart with simple, bite-sized classes designed to make astrology easy.

Rather than trying to figure it out on your own and getting overwhelmed, you can feel supported and have way more fun with our living library of resources and instant community of fellow mystics.

You will learn…

  1. How to decode your birth chart to understand yourself, your motivations, and your potential on a deeper, soul-level.
  2. Astrology basics to truly understand the craft (great for baby astrologers!)
  3. How to plan with the cosmos to pinpoint your cycles, time important events, and even plan where to live & travel.
  4. Business astrology to embrace your cosmic boss and design a business that aligns with the stars.

This is for you if you are ready to…

🌟 Gain clarity on what you are here to do and how you can do it best

🌟 Live in better alignment with your natural cycles and seasons

🌟 Create a more spiritual & soulful lifestyle that nourishes rather than depletes

🌟 Learn at your own pace while making friends and building a sense of community

Some courses already in our library…

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💡 The Nodes: Your Soul Journey & Higher Calling
💡 Planning Where to Live & Travel with Astrocartography
💡 Spotting Your Subconscious Programming with Past-Life Astrology
💡 Your Ideal Partner: Venus, Mars, Descendant, & Juno
💡 Finding Relationship Compatibility with Synastry
💡 Mapping Your Year with Transits
💡 Working with the Wheel of the Year
💡 Predicting with Solar & Lunar Returns
💡Showing Up Powerfully in Your Business

Every month, you will receive...

  • Monthly reflection questions & guidance to help you navigate the cosmic weather
  • Live events such as classes, moon circles, Q&As, or guest workshops
  • Unlimited access to our course library with 45+ hours of video lessons
  • Direct support from our head astrologer Cho and moderators
  • Digital astrology calendar to track the weather and read horoscopes
  • Super supportive community of mystics & creatives
  • Special members-only discounts on other AstroForecast offerings
  • Mobile app to stay connected on the go!

What members love...

“Lunar Mission Club is not just a page with courses, but a real community where we can share experiences, doubt, and support”
“The classes are so fun! Always easy-to-understand & applicable”
“I love it all and the fact that I've also made friends through the club is pretty cool too! I can't narrow down what I love most tbh”
“Where to begin?! The Astro Calendar is amazing — the most incredible, practical resource! I also love how you can learn on your own time with access to lessons and documents”

Everything! This is what helped me step into the path of career alignment. I’m just starting but it would have taken a lot longer without the club.

Ready for takeoff? 🚀